Our go-to professional

Rebecca has been a part of the American Society of Civil Engineers’ Publications production team as a freelance copyeditor and proofreader since 2018. She is our go-to professional for our standards, which are highly technical and must be carefully reviewed to correct spelling, grammar, and ASCE style without changing the meaning of the content. Standards are the highest level of publication that ASCE produces and are used by civil engineers worldwide.

As with every project that Rebecca works on, she brings her keen attention to detail, which involves consistently imposing ASCE and Chicago styles, as well as drawing on her familiarity with engineering terminology and math variables and symbols inherent in the industry. Mathematical understanding is especially valuable when working with highly technical ASCE authors and editors.

It is also a given that Rebecca will ask questions if there is any doubt about what needs to be addressed in a manuscript or proof. She has excellent communication sensibility about when and how to query either the ASCE project manager or the author/editor. In addition, when she commits to a deadline, she meets it, always.

ASCE books and standards are improved by having Rebecca’s hand in the process of their development.

Michie Gluck, Production editor, ASCE
Reston, VA

Practiced and refined judgment

Rebecca has served our organization as a copy editor on a long-term project encompassing millions of words of content and years of review. During that time, she has proven herself to be an invaluable member of our team. Her eye is sharp, her editorial judgment is practiced and refined (while remaining flexible to in-house preferences), and her communication on edits and project deadlines is clear, considerate, and reliable. What’s more, I can tell she truly cares about the work, which makes it all the easier to place confidence in her. Working with Rebecca has certainly made me a better editor, and I’m without a doubt that she has helped our written content reach the high standards we set for it.

Adam Bryant Marshall
Production Editor, Truth For Life (2024)

Careful and detailed editing

I must say that the editing was done very carefully and in detail. And also in such a way that the changes were easy for me to follow. In this respect, it was extremely pleasant for me to go through the changes. I have never received such professional editing before. Many thanks for that!

Dr. Bernd Rosslenbroich
Properties of Life: Toward a Theory of Organismic Biology (MIT Press, 2023)

Fantastic to work with

Rebecca is fantastic to work with. She helped me with manuscripts for both quantitative as well as qualitative studies. She edited my research grant application and manuscripts. Not only did she correct grammar but she also has sharp insight to find ways to improve clarity in my writing. I appreciated her professionalism as well as her timely response and positive attitude to work with. I can always count on getting into her schedule and getting files back in time for my deadlines. I love working with Rebecca.

Helen Chen (Fu), PHD, RN
Research Scientist
Indiana University Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health, Department of Epidemiology

Exceptional, insightful editing

Rebecca has provided tremendous help in copyediting or proofreading our academic books in the sciences. She seeks to make the author’s work more accurate and polished while also thinking about the reader’s needs. As one of our authors said, she was “very thorough and wouldn’t permit any sloppiness.” I look forward to seeing how she will transform our next science book.

Deborah L. Everhart
Andrews University Press

Thorough and timely

Rebecca copyedited a book with 16 different authors. She not only was thorough and timely but went above and beyond. She checked every Bible reference and caught some missed attributions. I would not hesitate in asking her to work on future projects.

Steve Chang
SOLA Network

Helped with audience, theological accuracy, and publishing guidance

It was a pleasure working with Rebecca on my book. She was key in helping me dial into my intended audience (the first and only person to do that), she questioned my theological accuracy when it was in doubt (again, very much appreciated; we don’t want to walk this road alone), and she gave me great guidance when moving forward in the publishing process.

Chris Long
Guided by Wisdom: Finding Wisdom for Life in God’s Word

High standards

I highly recommend Rebecca Faith to anyone who is writing a book and wants it professionally edited. She has very high standards, is very thorough, and has a scientific background. Our book had a great many references, and she checked almost all of them herself (those that she could). I highly valued her opinion on almost all matters that pertained to our complex book. Plus, I think you will find Rebecca will be a strong advocate of your book when she’s finished. I found Rebecca’s fees to be very reasonable. I can’t say enough good things about Rebecca and her editing abilities.

Barney Maddox, MD
Book in press

Detail like a knight’s lance: quick and honed

I didn’t think I needed a proofreader, but Rebecca from Faith Editorial Services proved me wrong when she found mistakes in my memoir, Gone in an Instant. Her attention to detail is like a knight’s lance: quick, honed, and perfectly hitting where needed. She’s in tune with my writing and responds to all questions, leaving no doubt that my book is 100 percent accurate. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for affordable, quality work.

Tammy Horvath

Gone in an Instant (TYH Publications, 2022)

An exceptional technical editing professional

Rebecca Faith is an exceptional technical editing professional. Prior to accepting my request for editing services, Rebecca walked me through her working process and set forward expectation. Her work is absolutely excellent. She not only did detailed proofreading work but also made suggestions to me for better writing to express my point of view. My experience with Rebecca’s help was the best by far! If you are looking for help proofreading or copyediting your work, I recommend that you work with Rebecca immediately.

Sung Nguyen
Doctor of Engineering, GWU

Great judgment and commitment

Rebecca is an outstanding copy editor and a dedicated professional. She produces very high-quality work and has great judgment when interpreting an author’s intent and fitting that into prescribed style requirements. I depend on her to answer questions and give training/guidance to my team of copy editors. She handles that responsibility beautifully, with great care and commitment to helping each editor achieve their best quality work for our customers.

Melissa Metz
Team Leader, ASCE
Lumina Datamatics, Inc.

Editorial expertise in academic subject matter

Rebecca came highly recommended to me as a freelance copy editor by my co-workers. I was in need of someone who could handle a special project, which required flexibility in scheduling and editorial expertise in academic subject matter. Rebecca asked pertinent questions, accepted feedback, and returned work in a timely manner. I think Rebecca would be an asset to any editorial team.

Diane Schubach
Production Editor, CSH Perspectives
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press

Conscientious copyeditor

Rebecca is a strong, reliable, and conscientious freelance copy editor that always returns completed work to us in a timely fashion. We appreciate her professionalism and scientific expertise with our manuscripts.

DW, CSHL Press

Accurate transcription

In 2015, we contracted with Rebecca for transcription of an audio interview. Her work was accurate and timely. She also proactively included suggestions for smoothing the content. Rebecca was detail oriented, conscientious, and responsive to our needs.
Pamela Kreigh
Managing Editor, Dermatology Times