Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions2024-02-13T11:35:19-05:00


Here is the Most Frequently Asked Questions.

The following terms and conditions are in effect for all clients of Faith Editorial Services:

Estimate (how long it will take and how much it will cost)2023-12-26T15:18:05-05:00

A price and timescale estimate will be provided to you before any work begins on your project, based on my review of your project. To provide the most accurate estimate possible, I reserve the right to request a sample of the project, document, or recording.


I will provide a short test piece or sample—not more than 1000 words or a 5-minute recording—upon request. Alternately, I may ask for a sample of your manuscript to work as a sample of my work and also as a tool for providing a more accurate estimate. If I work on a sample of your manuscript, a fee may be applied at my discretion at the rate of $10 for 500 words or computed based on the length of the sample. Word count is calculated through MS Word function. For developmental editing/reviews, no samples will be provided.

Deadline (the date you need the work completed and back into your hands)2023-12-26T15:20:08-05:00

My estimates are based on the information you provide and my initial review of the project. My reputation as an editor is based on my consistency in meeting your deadlines and providing an A+ edit. However, if something unforeseen arises or the project becomes more detailed or involved than was initially apparent and I become unable to meet the deadline or price estimate, I will notify you as soon as I am able and stop work while you decide how you wish to proceed.

Timeline (the dates I set aside to receive, work on, and return your project to you)2023-12-26T15:20:37-05:00

I work on a schedule and schedule projects so as to complete them in a timely manner for all my clients. Therefore, it is your responsibility to plan ahead and get your work scheduled with me so that I can meet your deadline. I reserve the right to add a surcharge to your invoice for rush projects or refuse your project if I cannot reasonably expect to complete it when you need it.

If you schedule your project in advance, I will give you a “receive-by date” that will allow me to complete work on your project by the deadline. If I do not receive your project on or before the receive-by date, I will (1) still try to complete the project on time, depending on how far past the receive date you are and how full my schedule is; (2) offer a rush surcharge to meet the deadline; or (3) refuse your project. If you will be unable to send your project on or before the receive-by date, please contact me as soon as possible so that we can reschedule and I can fit another project into my schedule.

For longer projects, such as theses or book-length manuscripts, I will need a confirmation two weeks in advance of your receive-by date that you will be able to meet the receive-by date so that I can schedule appropriately.

If your project or document is considerably longer or different that the project upon which I did the initial estimate, I reserve the right to reevaluate and adjustment the estimate.

Corrupted files or viruses2023-12-26T15:21:06-05:00

I run a virus scan on all documents sent to me before beginning the work. Any document, audio file, e-mail, or project containing viruses will be rejected, and all agreement for services or work will be cancelled.

If your file is corrupted or generated on an outdated version of MS Word, I cannot guarantee that all formatting will remain after my work. If this becomes a significant issue, I will stop working on the project and inform you so that you can decide how you want to proceed.


Plagiarism is unacceptable. If I suspect plagiarism, I will (1) stop work and contact you to provide documentation; or (2) stop work entirely and invoice you for my time up to that point.

If the line between editing and rewriting becomes too blurred, I reserve the right to stop work, return your project, and invoice for my time up to that point.

Invoicing and payment2023-12-26T15:23:24-05:00

In most cases, I invoice at the completion of the project or block of work described in the work order. I will also ask for a down payment based on the total estimated project. I will invoice separately for any longer sample pieces, which will be payable on receipt and before the edited sample is returned to you.

When the project is complete, I will send an email with screenshots from the edited manuscript and an invoice. Payment is due within 14 days of the invoice date for completed work and immediately for samples and down payments. Checks, bank-issued money orders, PayPal, or ACH transfers are accepted. Details will be on the invoice. Work will be returned to you after payment is received.

Late payments will incur a late fee of up to 10% of the original invoice. Installments will not be acceptable unless agreed before the start of the project. If it becomes necessary to engage the services of a debt collection agency because of a late payment, you will be liable for agency fees.

Accepting these terms and conditions2023-12-26T15:24:21-05:00

When I accept your project, I will ask for a statement that you accept these terms and conditions.

Regarding guarantees2023-12-26T15:25:49-05:00

I am human and so are you. I cannot guarantee that your manuscript will be perfect and without flaws; neither can I guarantee that your book or article will be published. I do promise to work to the utmost of my ability to make your project the best that flawed and imperfect humans can make it.

Manuscripts generated using AI2023-12-26T15:27:06-05:00

You must disclose to me if your manuscript was generated, wholly or in part, using AI. I reserve the right to decline to edit AI generated manuscripts.

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