I work on a schedule and schedule projects so as to complete them in a timely manner for all my clients. Therefore, it is your responsibility to plan ahead and get your work scheduled with me so that I can meet your deadline. I reserve the right to add a surcharge to your invoice for rush projects or refuse your project if I cannot reasonably expect to complete it when you need it.

If you schedule your project in advance, I will give you a “receive-by date” that will allow me to complete work on your project by the deadline. If I do not receive your project on or before the receive-by date, I will (1) still try to complete the project on time, depending on how far past the receive date you are and how full my schedule is; (2) offer a rush surcharge to meet the deadline; or (3) refuse your project. If you will be unable to send your project on or before the receive-by date, please contact me as soon as possible so that we can reschedule and I can fit another project into my schedule.

For longer projects, such as theses or book-length manuscripts, I will need a confirmation two weeks in advance of your receive-by date that you will be able to meet the receive-by date so that I can schedule appropriately.

If your project or document is considerably longer or different that the project upon which I did the initial estimate, I reserve the right to reevaluate and adjustment the estimate.