In most cases, I invoice at the completion of the project or block of work described in the work order. I will also ask for a down payment based on the total estimated project. I will invoice separately for any longer sample pieces, which will be payable on receipt and before the edited sample is returned to you.

When the project is complete, I will send an email with screenshots from the edited manuscript and an invoice. Payment is due within 14 days of the invoice date for completed work and immediately for samples and down payments. Checks, bank-issued money orders, PayPal, or ACH transfers are accepted. Details will be on the invoice. Work will be returned to you after payment is received.

Late payments will incur a late fee of up to 10% of the original invoice. Installments will not be acceptable unless agreed before the start of the project. If it becomes necessary to engage the services of a debt collection agency because of a late payment, you will be liable for agency fees.