Let me help you fine-tune your writing.

Contacting an editor to help with your work is a big step, and many writers are naturally hesitant to experience the dreaded red pen! Gathering information ahead of time is the first step toward finding collaborative help to make your work stand out from the rest. Learning about the services I offer and how they differ will help you know what you need first.

Explore them below.

New website celebration

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I will read every word of your manuscript, including references and notes. With changes tracked, I will fix all punctuation, usage, grammar, and spelling errors (PUGS); flag any sentences that are not clear or understandable, providing alternate wording as necessary; format the Word document according to any style guidelines you provide; verify and correct all references and notes to standard publishing style; and generate a style sheet for your help.

Copyediting is not the same thing as proofreading.


Proofreading and copyediting are not the same thing. Copyediting happens before the manuscript is formatted, and proofreading happens after the book is formatted for publication but before printing.

An experienced proofreader makes sure no errors remain from the copyediting and correcting phases but also corrects pagination, running heads, and layout; checks and deals with widows and orphans; ensures that figures/photos are placed appropriately and text flows easily around them; ensures that margins and vertical alignment are consistent; and many more details that will make a book look professional.

It may be tempting to skip proofreading, but doing so risks making your book look slapdash instead of polished.

Section 508 Accessibility & PDF Remediation

All government documents, research grant reports, or anything else published by the government must conform to Section 508 Accessibility guidelines. I have the skill and experience to help.


I have the tools to quickly and efficiently transcribe your MP3 or audio file. I can make a transcript of speeches, sermons, interviews, or any other recorded word. Do you need it transcribed verbatim, with every um and uh? Or do you want it smoothed for better reading? Just let me know.

Need the spoken word in print? Click the link.


Do you have written content that needs some help? I can help with summaries, synopses, letters, website content, short bios, introductions, and much more. Just ask!


I have experience fine-tuning grant applications so that they put your best offer forward.

Need help polishing your grant application? I can help.

Website Evaluation

Websites with bad grammar and misspelled words litter the internet like confetti after a parade. Make sure your website stands out from the rest. All I need is your permission to peruse your site and catch all those grammar and spelling errors that make your site unprofessional.

Is your website putting its best foot forward? Click the link and I can make sure of it.

Legacy Projects

Do you have old letters, family history that is yellowing and disintegrating from age? Do you have recorded interviews of family members telling stories? I can transcribe them so you can share them with successive generations and preserve your family history.

Preserve your family history for your children. Click the link to find out how I can help.


You have deadlines and a timeline for your project. Every project I accept is scheduled so that I can meet your deadlines.


I didn’t start editing yesterday. I’ve been working as a professional editor since 2010. Yes, you can find much cheaper rates elsewhere online, but do you want to trust your hard work to someone who just decided one day to be an editor? My Portfolio page proves my track record.


I am passionate about helping your hard work put its best foot forward. No editor is perfect, but my reputation is all about making sure I do my best possible work on your project.

Regarding Rates

Every project is unique. Copyediting, transcription, and PDF remediation, for example, require different skills. I review every manuscript before accepting it to determine what it needs to bring it to publishable condition and determine approximately how long it will take me to get it into publishable condition. This makes it impractical to publish firm rates. My rates fall within the range of industry standards and are commensurate with my level of experience.