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I have a Bachelor’s degree in biology, background in chemistry, and work experience in the medical laboratory (Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals of Cleveland) that eventually led to opportunities to edit peer-reviewed journal articles in civil engineering (American Society of Civil Engineers), genetics, medicine, molecular biology (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press), and human kinetics.

It all began in November 2010 when I started working for PreMedia Global editing in XML for the ASCE journals division. Eventually, PreMedia Global (now Lumina Datamatics) transitioned all copyediting from XML files to Word documents and set the editorial team to freelance status. Freelancing opened new doors of opportunity, and in July 2012 I also joined the team of copy editors for Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press editing journal articles for Genes & Development and Genome Research. In March 2016, I also started working on papers for Cold Spring Harbor’s Perspectives publications.

I was the copyediting team co-manager, style specialist, and trainer for ASCE. In that role, I wrote training tutorials, trained new editors to the team, provided feedback and corrections to individual editors, did quality control reviews, and liaised with the clients. I worked with ASCE as they revised their journals style guide.

In 2018 I transitioned from ASCE journals division to ASCE books and standards, which are revised every 4 or 5 years. See the Portfolio page for a partial list.

In 2015, I was invited to be part of the content team at Truth For Life, first as a transcriptionist, and presently, as a copyeditor on sermon transcripts. My role involves comparing the printed transcript to the audio file to ensure agreement between the audio and transcript and to catch and correct any punctuation, grammar, or spelling errors.

In 2019 I began working for Westchester Publishing Services on the team of copyeditors to edit trade and academic books and textbooks for various university presses. A list of the books I’ve worked on is found on the Portfolio page.

I have taken classes to learn how to make MS Word documents and PDFs conform to Section 508 accessibility guidelines, and in 2021, I began copyediting and reviewing US Department of Transportation final reports for the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

My experience includes the use of templates, equation editors, and various style guides. I quickly transcribe audio files and edit, condense, and verify the content of the transcription. My training as an English language (ESL) tutor provided opportunities to work with students of several nationalities to help them improve or learn English. Therefore, I am able to quickly read manuscripts written by authors whose first language is not English and smooth the grammar or provide alternate wording suggestions.

Rebecca Faith
Rebecca FaithOwner and editor


Christian Content and Project Editor

Additionally, I have more than six years experience as the managing editor of a Christian newsletter and currently work with a Christian nonprofit organization as a copy editor, proofreader, content writer, and transcriber.

Because my understanding of the Bible and Protestant theology is solid, I can help you by verifying all Scripture references, organizing an outline for your bible study, checking for consistency and double checking all questions and answers, and of course, making sure all grammar, spelling, and punctuation are correct and follow guidelines in The Christian Writer’s Manual of Style.

I can help you tell your testimony or personal story by strengthening the writing while preserving your “voice,” whether or not you intend to publish through traditional or self-publishing methods or simply desire to preserve your faith journey for your children or grandchildren.

It is my pleasure to work on your project!


You have deadlines and a timeline for your project. Every project I accept is scheduled so that I can meet your deadlines.


I didn’t start editing yesterday. I’ve been working as a professional editor since 2010. Yes, you can find much cheaper rates elsewhere online, but do you want to trust your hard work to someone who just decided one day to be an editor? My Portfolio page proves my track record.


I am passionate about helping your hard work put its best foot forward. No editor is perfect, but my reputation is all about making sure I do my best possible work on your project.

ESL Specialist

I am a trained English language (ESL) tutor and have worked with students worldwide, including Europe, Japan, and Brazil. My ESL experience will take away your stress of writing in English. I’ll make sure your writing is correct and clear the first time!

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